The start of our story...

Found in 1960...

Moving from Texas to Singapore, the founder, Mr. Cameron Mathews founded Diner's Dinner from nearly nothing. Cameron never set out to create the most successful Diner in Singapore. He’s not a classically trained chef or graduate of culinary school. It was in Singapore that he found the two loves of his life: his wife and the delicate art of cooking. And it’s been those very two godsends that gave us Diner's Dinner as we know it.


Looking to bring what his family enjoyed so much to everyone, Diner's Dinner is a family run bussiness that seeks tobe a place where homeliness reveberate. Cameron was often told his cooking reminded them of Grandma or Ma's cooking during family gatherings. Very often did they say that he should open a diner and he did just that

He often says that the love of his life and his children are the people who truly pushed him to founding the diner. Today Cameron has retired but his children carries his legacy, founding even more diners under the same name.

"I thought of this place as my second home, not some fancy restaurant to be snobbish in."